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Cross & Quill - The Christian Writers Newsletter

Cross & Quill is our organizational newsletter. The front page of each issue is devoted to profiling one of our professional members. Other pages are packed with writing how-to’s, information and advice from editors and other professional writers, a writer’s devotional column, member/ subscriber prayer and praise items, computer helps, upcoming conferences and seminars, reviews on writers books, software and resources, and MarketLines, a column that gives the latest market news and views.

To receive a free sample copy of Cross & Quill, simply fill out and submit the C&Q; Request Form or email Sandy Brooks at

Selected Articles From Past Issues


Meet the Pro – November/ December, 2001READ
This Side of the Desk – March/ April, 1997READ
Writing Rainbows! – May/ June, 2001READ
The Editor’s Soapbox – September/ October, 1995READ
Writers Helping Writers – January/ February, 2001READ
For the Love of Fiction – September/ October, 2000READ
Tots, Teens & InBetweens – March/ April, 2001READ
The Poem – November/ December, 2002READ
ComputerWise – May/ June, 2001READ
Connecting Points – July/ August, 1994READ
The Conference Circuit – July/ August, 2002READ
MarketLines – September/ October, 2002


Cross & Quill - Writers' Guidelines

Cross & Quill—The Christian Writers Newsletter serves an audience of writers, speakers, editors, conference directors, group leaders, researchers, and agents involved in the Christian publishing industry. Please keep that in mind when submitting. Need more nuts and bolts (this is how to write it) articles. Rarely use personal experiences except for Writing Rainbows!

Our purpose is to inform, instruct, encourage, and equip Christians in publishing to produce writing of the highest biblical and professional standards.


Meet the Pro: Assigned. Our front page features a member of the CWFI Family.

This Side of the Desk: Written in-house.

Writing Rainbows!: 500 to 600 word devotional thought including Scripture and prayer that comes from your writing experience. Give Bible translation.

Editor’s Soapbox: Assigned. Dave Fessenden, Contributing Editor.

Writers Helping Writers: 200 to 800 words. More instructional and how-to articles, fewer personal experiences. Need articles directed to the veteran as well as the beginning writer.

Writing Internationally: 200 to 800 word articles exploring the unique challenges that come with writing for readers in other cultures such as content, expression, language, money exchange, and other issues. We especially encourage writers outside North America to educate us on these issues and others we have not mentioned here.

Tots, Teens & InBetweens: 200 to 800 word how-to and informational articles on writing for children, teenagers, and young adults.

Editor’s RoundTable: 200 to 800 word interviews with editors on current needs of the publication or publishing house. Ask questions that help writers understand the joys, frustrations, and challenges of editorial work. Find out what the editor has often wanted to tell writers to make the editor’s and the writer’s jobs easier, more productive, and more profitable. Professional quality B&W; glossy of editor improves chances of acceptance.

ComputerWise: Assigned. Kay Hall, Contributing Editor.

BusinessWise: 200 to 800 how-to and informational articles on the business side of writing such as tax information, recordkeeping, and other related topics.

LegalEase: 200 to 800 words on various legalities in the writing profession: income taxes, contracts (book, agent, self-publisher, POD publisher), copyright, etc.

Connecting Points: 200 to 800 word how-to’s and informational articles on leading and attending writers groups. Especially want articles on how to critique various kinds of writing such as nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and others. Also program ideas. We encourage writers international writers to explain the challenges of organizing, finding, and operating writers groups outside North America.

The Conference Circuit: Organizing and operating writers workshops and conferences—successes and learning experiences. Also profiles of Christian writers conferences. State availability of photos.

Poetry: 1 to 8 line poems on helpful and inspirational about writers or the craft of writing. Limit 3 per submission.

Fillers: 25 to 100 word helpful hints, newsbreaks, tips, cartoons. Book and other product reviews for and about writers, editors, and publishers, 100 to 300 words.


Current Needs
Need articles 800 words maximum on writing for the children’s, teen, and young adult audiences. Also articles on program ideas for local writers groups. Articles (800 words) on any form of organizing and implementing a writers office and business environment. Please do not submit a complete manuscript by email until you get a go-ahead from a query. Please do not submit attached files. Copy and paste your article into the email form.


Submissions: Prefers complete manuscript submitted by regular mail. Computer and electronic submissions on request after query. No simultaneous submissions. Please paste your article into an email form. Due to security concerns, we do not download attached files.

Rights: Buys first or reprint rights. If manuscript is a reprint, state when and where the piece has been used.

Payment: Honorarium on publication + 3 contributors copies.

Address email submissions to

Postal submissions not accompanied by a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope (SASE) will not be acknowledged or returned.

Editor/ Publisher: Sandy Brooks
c/o Christian Writers Fellowship International
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