Rationality in Spirituality

Before moving further, let me, first, give the simple definition of rationality. RATIONALITY, in simple words, is knowing a thing THROUGH THE WORDS LIKE-WHAT, HOW, WHEN ETC.

Now, Mr. X! Answer a simple question of mine -If you charge your phone, then, is it possible that your wife’s phone get charged, too? WHEN, even a child knows that only that phone, which has been put to charge WILL GET CHARGED, then, WHAT ARE THE REASONS of development of IRRATIONAL & ILLOGICAL BELIEFS IN THE SOCIETY, particularly in the area of religion. Belief of the child, when he says so are purely based on rationality and are accepted by the society.

A GREAT MENTAL BLOCKER is the belief that rationality can enter anywhere but not in the realm of spirituality. It is true when it is said that there cannot be any spirituality without science. There are irrelevant & meaningless religious dogmas, wherever spirituality is considered just a matter of belief and is not based on scientific basis. The fact is-whatever is true must be scientific but whatever is scientific may not be the ultimate truth. Looks surprising! Science is a system of continuous evolving through observation, experimentation & documentation. Whatever had been declared to be ultimate truth by modern medical science fifty years hence, has drastically been changed now. This shows is the continuous evolving of science and science can never tell that particular saying of it is final. Let me give you another example of this science being very unscientific. Modern science believes that this universe is a very systematic creation but, it, further, believes that there is no creator of this huge universe, extending into billions of galaxies.

I would like to explain the meaning of the words-‘Some realms are beyond reason.’ Suppose, one intends to enjoy the sight of the city from the roof of his building. For reaching the roof, he will have to take the help of stairs or elevator but once He Has Reached the Roof, stairs or elevator cannot help him in experiencing the Scenic Beauty Of The City. Likewise, For Understanding EVERYTHING INCLUDING SPIRITUALITY, intellect is very much required. There is nothing, KNOWLEDGE OF WHICH CAN BE OBTAINED WITHOUT INTELLECT. But, once One Has Got The Theoretical Knowledge of a thing, intellect loses ITS ROLE. For experiencing the various traits of spirituality like any other science, INTELLECT CAN PLAY NO ROLE.

After mentioning the importance of rationality in our every sphere of life, let’s connect it with an important fact of our life. WE FOLLOW A THING Only If, it is beneficial for us. The benefits may be tangible or intangible. Take for instance, the emotion of love. It produces very soothing effect in our spirit, but, ONLY WHEN, it is for the welfare of others in one way or the other. Accordingly, SPIRITUALITY OR ANY OTHER SCIENCE is meaningless, if it does not DO WELL OF THE SOCIETY.

Conclusion –THERE CAN BE BUT SHOULD NOT BE ANY KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT RATIONALITY. Give a conscious thought to include ‘Rationality’ in every act of yours and with the passage of time you will automatically be drifted towards the ocean of ultimate truth.

BE SMARTER THAN A CHILD and know for certain that if, your phone is being charged, OTHER’S PHONE INSTEAD OF YOURS will not get charged AND ALSO, your phone will be charged, only if, you have done sufficient enough FOR CHARGING OF YOUR PHONE.

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